National Science Foundation Highlights WIFIRE

NSF Science Nation

The NSF online e-Zine Science Nation highlights the WIFIRE project and our efforts to create an integrated workflow for rapid wildfire prediction models. Wildfires in California have become a year round phenomenon. Firefighters are pushed to their limits more often each year and they need any advantage they can use. Learn what the NSF says about the WIFIRE advantage at:

WIFIRE Mission

The WIFIRE CI (cyberinfrastructure) will support an integrated system for wildfire analysis, with specific regard to changing urban dynamics and climate. The system will integrate networked observations such as heterogeneous satellite data and real-time remote sensor data, with computational techniques in signal processing, visualization, modeling, and data assimilation to provide a scalable method to monitor such phenomena as weather patterns that can help predict a wildfire's rate of spread. The products of WIFIRE will be initially disseminated to project collaborators (SDG&E, CAL FIRE, USFS), covering academic, private, and government laboratories while generating value to emergency officials, and consequently to the general public. WIFIRE may be used by government agencies in the future to save lives and property during wildfire events, test the effectiveness of response and evacuation scenarios before they occur and assess the effectiveness of high-density sensor networks in improving fire and weather predictions. WIFIRE's high-density network, therefore, will serve as a testbed for future applications worldwide. The team is inclusive across a spectrum of collaborators and will create an open-source CI environment with intuitive workflows that lead to reusable software components for a wide range of science and engineering disciplines that can be extended to secondary education. Results are disseminated via an interactive website at SDSC in which students from high school to graduate level can participate in uploading their own data logging, data processing or data-driven alerts.

WIFIRE Partners