WIFIRE’s mission is to turn data into a utility for advancing fire science. This mission comprises:

  • Building workflows to integrate data, software and computing infrastructure
  • Creating systems, services and tools for AI integrated fire science
  • Translating scientific and data advancements into practical use in response and planning

WIFIRE Lab grew out of an NSF-funded project called WIFIRE, where we grew our passion for integrated wildfire modeling and response. For more information about WIFIRE see the VOA/TEK News video feature on WIFIRE.

Although, the WIFIRE Cyberinfrastructure is built with a primary goal of enhancing fire science, it has been impactful in operational fire response and public situational awareness settings. As an example for the system’s public impact, through word-of-mouth and social media the Firemap tool was accessed by 800,000 public users over 8 million times to view information related to the devastating wildfires in California throughout the fall of 2017.

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