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The WIFIRE Lab's end-to-end cyberinfrastructure (CI) was built for real-time, data-driven simulation; prediction and visualization of wildfire behavior; and to support social-ecological resilience to the changing fire ecology regime.

Meet the Lab Team

Meet the WIFIRE Lab team, composed of scientists, engineers, and technologists, who have architected and implemented CI pathways that enable joint innovation for wildfire management.

BurnPro3D is a science-driven, decision-support platform for planning and conducting prescribed burns, powered by the WIFIRE Commons. WIFIRE Commons, part of our CI, works to catalog, curate and integrate data and models for AI-driven fire science; maintain open programmatic access to data; and ensure provenance of data and models over time.

Meet the BurnPro3D & WIFIRE Commons Team

Meet the BurnPro3D and WIFIRE Commons team, who combine wildfire data, AI and the physics of fire behavior to drive multidisciplinary collaboration and engagement with educators, municipal leaders, and fire managers, to ensure the BurnPro3D interface and the WIFIRE Commons are designed for translational use.