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Big Data Provenance: Challenges, State of the Art and Opportunities

Wang J., Crawl D., Purawat S., Nguyen M., Altintas I., Big Data Provenance: Challenges, State of the Art and Opportunities, in 2nd Workshop on Advances in Software and Hardware for Big Data to Knowledge Discovery (ASH), 2015.



Ability to track provenance is a key feature of scientific workflows to support data lineage and reproducibility. The challenges that are introduced by the volume, variety and velocity of Big Data, also pose related challenges for provenance and quality of Big Data, defined as veracity. The increasing size and variety of distributed Big Data provenance information bring new technical challenges and opportunities throughout the provenance lifecycle including recording, querying, sharing and utilization. This paper discusses the challenges and opportunities of Big Data provenance related to the veracity of the datasets themselves and the provenance of the analytical processes that analyze these datasets. It also explains our current efforts towards tracking and utilizing Big Data provenance using workflows as a programming model to analyze Big Data.


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