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Wildfire Innovation Summit 2019

Wildfire Technology Innovation Summit 2019

The state's first Wildfire Technology Innovation Summit took place on March 20-21, 2019 on the campus of CUS Sacramento, California. The Summit gathered national and international thought leaders and practitioners from state and local governments, academia, industry, and others to inform and engage each other about the challenges of wildfires and tools that can help us better manage these devastating disasters.

Discussion at the Summit included:

• State-wide deployment of weather stations and cameras paired with meteorology and fire behavior modeling;
• AI-based visual recognition technology to analyze satellite imagery to determine fuel conditions and vegetation risks in proximity to utility lines;
• Fire modeling tools to support all fire departments and emergency responders across the state;
• Machine learning and automation inspections for increased safety assurance and regulatory compliance; and
• Widespread adoption of aerial patrols, LiDAR and advanced imaging for vegetation management and utility infrastructure inspections.

Event website

View the Program Agenda and recordings of presentations.